Egypt October 2018

Oh my gosh what an amazing day. I learned so much about not on the construction of the Pyramids but the family history of them as well. I never knew there are actually 9 and I learned why they are different sizes. I was never a history buff but I really got into it today. And the camel ride…. Well let’s just say I made a spectacle of myself getting on and getting off was even worse. But I loved riding through the dessert on being on one. It was just the getting off and on that sucked.

Local vibe. You see so many people using donkeys for transportation. They either ride them or hook them up to carts to carry heavy loads through the streets. A lot of the main work in this area, which is considered the country, is agriculture. There are big mansions near this area but they are scattered throughout Very old houses made out of mud may be a couple of blocks from a mansion and buildings stuck together so close with people mulling along the streets where it looks like these people may just be living in one room.

I cruised the Nile river from Cairo to Alexandria
Traditional Mosque. You hear prayer broadcasts over loudspeakers several times throughout the day everywhere in Egypt
Sailing a felucca sailboat on the Nile. So much fun.
East Nubian Village unspoiled natural living. They developed their own language and live together, but in separate houses, as one big family. They marry among themselves and don’t allow outsiders to live there. Yet, they are very friendly people.

Across the river is the West Nubian Village. The two villages do not communicate with each other as the east will not share their language. Yet they basically live the by the same family values. The West village is very touristy.
High Dam. The first photo of the Nile goes from the Dam out to the Mediterranean Sea. The second photo goes from the Dam to Sudan. Interesting story about the funding. It was necessary to build a higher Dam than what they had because the Nile kept overflowing causing massive floods. The bank would only lend the money if they got backing from another country. When both the US and England would not help fund the project Russia stepped in and sent hundreds of engineers to design and build the Dam free of charge. The photo of the large sculpture that looks like a lotus flower is a symbol of friendship between the two countries. Notice the hands on the next photo and the rest of the cavings represent stories of how happy the people of Egypt are to have this Dam and how they are using the water from it to better their lives. The Dam took 10 years to build and was finished in 1970.