London, England August 2018

I arrived in the UK in time to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace followed by a tour of London. The following day my host family took me out for traditional fish and chips at their favorite pub. I don’t like beer, but they insisted on ordering me one they said I would like. (I forget the name) but they mix lemonade into it. I still didn’t care for it. I would have liked to go on the London Eye but the lines were insane. However, I couldn’t pass up going for high afternoon tea. I read some reviews and opted to go to The Wolesley. It was fabulous. Afterwards I hopped on one of the red double decker buses to go walk across Abbey Road. But the highlight was taking a day trip to Windsor Castle. I decided to take public transportation instead of going on a tour bus because I wanted to be able to take my time and also Facetime with my granddaughter to show her as much as I could while I was at the castle. I didn’t realize that just outside the gates of the castle wall is a very cool town. I ate at Prince Harry’s which is a very lively pub and then walked down to the Thames river before heading back.