Download the newest list of gear I recommend for venturing into van life or getting for your next road trip. Everything I recommend I personally use or have tested and now recommend

Solar Panel 
Portable Stove
Portable Toilet
Power Station
and so much more!

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queen bee Gear - Gift Ideas Collection

queen bee tshirt

Official T-Shirt

Official Queen Bee Pearls of Wisdom Crown pin

Official Pin

call me queen bee mug

Official Mug

I love gifting SWAG to guests on my show, as prizes during challenges, and to reward random acts of QUEEN BEE kindness for making the world a better place.  I SEE YOU and I appreciate you showing up in our community. I know others do too because I have gotten so many requests asking if I offer my Queen Bee Gear for sale. YES, many of the vendors I buy from offer direct sales drop-shipping and also sell on Amazon. I have listed most of the items from my Queen Bee Collection on this page to make it easy for you to purchase directly from the seller. Simply click the image to be directed to the purchase page.
                                              Disclosure: I may receive a commission from affiliate links on this page.

pearl necklace
Official Queen Bee Pearls of Wisdom Crown pin
Queen Bee Pearl Pin
queen name necklace
pearl earrings
queen bee tshirt
bee tshirt
bee kind tshirt
call me queen bee mug
queen bee tall cup
queen bee tote bag


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