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From Wisdom to Web in 6 Weeks, The Golden Pathway

From Wisdom to Web in 6 Weeks, The Golden Pathway

Our Private Community

Private peer group community with Weekly Bloom Calls every
Monday mornings at 9am PST

Course Workbook 

Easy to follow roadmap for building your email list using strategies that nurture leads to become buyers.

online courses made easy

Course Workbook

In this roadmap, l cover every aspect of the online course creation journey.


This workbook is a journey towards more clarity, purpose, and joy in your everyday life.

queen bee manifesto


Live unapologetically, embrace your inner Queen Bee, and make each moment extraordinary.

queen bee merch

Queen Bee Merch

Themed merchandise for purchase on 

Mindset Affirmations

Positive, empowering statements that can help reshape your mindset.

YouTube Fundamentals

The basic 5 step guide for how to start and set up a YouTube Channel to uploading your first video.

Guide with Printables

10 powerful affirmations, designed to inspire and encourage you on your path to greater activity.

Design Your Website

Step-by-Step video tutorial for designing your website using the Elementor Website Page Builder

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