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What You'll Learn In This Workshop

As a woman who has reached the age of 50 or beyond, you've undoubtedly accumulated a wealth of life experiences, wisdom, and achievements. In this workshop, I will show you how you can harness your unique passions, and leverage your expertise to assist others by sharing YOUR wisdom, which ultimately will benefit YOU personally and professionally!

golden pathway

The Golden Pathway is a membership program that guides you through tech challenges and helps you
create a passion-based, purpose-driven, online business to amplify your message in this digital age.


Passion Coaching
Weekly Bloom Calls

Start your journey by uncovering your passion, clarifying your path, and test-driving ideas that resonate with YOU. 

From Wisdom to Web, The Golden Pathway course
Personal Growth & Online Business Coaching Calls
Peer group support


Purpose-driven Roadmaps Step-by-Step & Non-Techy

Video tutorials, lesson plans, and workbooks to help you confidently, and effectively create your Unique Path.

Step-by-step Tech Training Tutorials
Transformation materials to boost self-esteem and conquer limiting beliefs
Collection of Curated How-to Business Ideas Courses


Prosperity Navigation Coaching
Monthly Deep DIves

Live Master Classes geared to teach you marketing techniques that strategically accelerate you along your path.

Coaching Q & A
Spotlight Interviews 
Guest Speakers
Hybrid Retreats & Events

Is the Golden Pathway Right for you?

This is for you if you Are:

Interested in discovering your untapped potential to embark on an inspiring journey of passion, purpose, and prosperity.
Wanting to boost your self-confidence, overcome challenges, and develop a mindset to seize opportunities.
Exploring ways to create a passion-rich, purpose-driven online business you love, that is in alignment with your values to live a well-balanced lifestyle.
Into collaboration over competition and thrive in a vibrant community of generous, like-minded women, fostering support and growth.

This is NOT for you if You Are:

Wanting Quick fixes or get-rich-quick schemes.
Lacking commitment to personal growth.
Solely seeking financial advice
Expecting instant results without effort

When Elaine asked me to do a van tour on her Travel Grandma YouTube channel, of course I was honored. Yet, in my wildest dreams I never expected so many people to see it and respond. She has a gift for asking just the right questions and being genuinely interested. This interview resulted in almost 50,000 views, and I personally received more than 300 new YouTube subscribers in just a short time. Elaine truly is the “Queen Bee!”


Patti Serrano 



To support you on your journey I've created a FREE interactive WORKBOOK 5 Golden Keys Unlock a new kind of purpose, joy, and fulfillment in your golden years. Included in this interactive workbook are sections for you to set your intentions, discover how to unlock your passions, and design a life that's uniquely yours. Start your transformation today!

5 golden keys unlock purpose, joy and fulfilment

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