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Carol V testimonial

Great - Go for it - Mentor

"Elaine, I'm so happy I have gotten the opportunity to meet you and to camp with you. You have been such an inspiration. You encouraged me that I can do things on my own to just be cautious, not scared. It's been a struggle, but I've been able to do it. You have been such a great mentor to go for it with all the experiences you've shared. I really appreciate that. You're a good friend and very kind."

Carol Villanueva, Upland, California 

Elaine takes you to a place that no one wants to talk about, yet we are either living it every day or will someday. The valuable tips and strategies she offers will keep you healthy, thriving, and may even save your life."

Kim Robinson neto, CHHC


A Very Memorable Experience

"As the retreat comes to an end, I want you all to know how much I enjoyed meeting every single one of you. The laughs, The meaningful conversations, The camaraderie and all that goes into developing new friendships. Elaine & Liz THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the effort that you both put into making this a very memorable experience. Until next time....Peace, Love and Friendship. And Always.....Safe travels."

@Lindy's She Shed

Lindy's SHe Shed testimonial for elaine lombardi
kick the sugar habit book review

Very valuable Fun Read

"What a nifty little handy helper! I love it!
No more vodka in my fruit drinks ! Rye !! Just kidding .
Yes, "eat real food"! Says it all."

Phil silverman

Kick the sugar habit Book Review

i Am your biggest cheerleader

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I can help you with...

believing in yourself
making better use of your time
building a better life step by step
connecting to the right people
mastering your emotions
feeling confident to take on the world!
starting & growing a successful business
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easily growing your socials
boosting your marketing skills
growing your customer list
becoming financially independent!

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5 golden keys unlock purpose, joy and fulfilment

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Laguna Woods, CA

Elaine Lombardi, CHHC

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